Mascara Brush – What ladies don’t know

Mascara BrushA lot of ladies base their mascara on brands. Not many know that the mascara brush plays a large factor on the effectiveness of a mascara. Like Lancome Mascara, they acually patent their brushes for every mascara they produce. If you look closely enough some of the ingredients of cheaper mascaras have almost the same substance and formulations. It all comes down to the quality of the brushes. An exception to this is the hypo-allergenic type of mascara formula. This is for the sensitive lashes.

What type of brush do you need?

The bristles play a large part in a mascara brand. The lenght, gaps, quality of of bristles will have an effect on your application. Another feature is the shape of the brush, whether it is a straight or curved one this will create different effects on your eyes.

To give you an overview of what brush to choose from here are 5 effects you can get from your mascara brush.

  • Thick Lashes

Your ideal brush should have bristles that are pretty close together. If you have thin-looking lashes and want to thicken them up, then this is the brush for you.

  • Reduce Clumping

If you want to reduce clumping your brush should have bristles that are spaced widely apart. But this brush is not applicable if you want thicker lashes.

  • Longer Lashes

You should choose a brush with longer bristles if you want longer lashes. The brushlength will definitely help you extend the ends of your lashes, for a luscious and lengthier look.

  • Even Coverage

If you are having a hard time coating your lashes evenly you will need a curved mascara brush. This brush can help you get more even coating because they can coat more of your lashes simultaneously.

  • Hard to Reach Lashes

If your brush is unable to reach the small lashes on the corner of your eyes, using a straight brush can help you solve the problem.

Mascara Brush 2Those are the five different brushes for different needs. But wait how do we get lashes that have all the good features with so many brushes to choose from. As if we can use them all at the same time.

With five brushes to choose from you do not need all of them. Choosing is all based on your personal preferences. With a lot of replacement brushes available on drugstore or local beauty store you can easily get two or three features of the brush in one. Or you could just buy five of them because drugstore brushes are normally cheap and having a set of brushes will certainly help solve a lot of your mascara problems. With this you can get the look you want anytime.

Besides the brush there are other important aspects of selecting a mascara. Here are some tips to think of when choosing a mascara.

  • It is advisable to wear a waterproof mascara is if you know that an event could make you cry or very emotional. Don’t risk ruining your night by not wearing a waterproof mascara.
  • For brittle lashes use a hypo-allergenic mascara to condition and keep your lashes healthy while wearing it.
  •  We have different types of lashes so try to hide the weak aspect of your lashes by using a lengthening mascara is your lashes are short or a volumizing mascara if your lashes are thin.

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